Xi5-105 SW 60" 36V GPS


Motore di prua 36V 60"

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Volts Guida Installazione Lunghezza cm Max Assorbimento AMP Potenza KW Spinta Kg PinPoint GPS Wireless
36v Telecomando + Prua 152 cm 51 1,84 48 Si SI

Xi5 Saltwater Edition Wireless Trolling Motor

Explore the boat beyond your bow. With an available handheld Pinpoint® GPS remote and total motor control through Gateway connectivity, the high-tech Xi5 gives you even more freedom while fishing. Xi5’s silent motor operation could also mean the difference between spooking a trophy fish and catching one.

Pinpoint GPS: MotorGuide's industry-leading Pinpoint GPS delivers intuitive navigation options like Jog, Route Playback, and GPS Anchor that is 3x as precise as our competitors.

Responsive Electric Steer: our wireless electric steering rotates the composite shaft 50% faster than competitors, allowing for unmatched agility and instantly responsive control.

Chartplotter Integration: connect your Lowrance, Simrad, or Mercury VesselView dashboard display through NMEA 2000 and a Pinpoint GPS Gateway Cable to enable effortless total control.

Additional Features:

  • 50% faster steering rotation than competitors
  • Digital Power Management for up to 5x longer battery life
  • Proprietary three-coat corrosion protection
  • Available wireless foot pedal
  • Powerful three-blade Machete prop
  • Unbreakable composite shaft with lifetime warranty

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