Xi3-55 SW 48" 12V GPS


Motore di prua 12V 48"

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Su Ordinazione

1 750 €

-309 €

2 059 €


Volts Guida Installazione Lunghezza cm Max Assorbimento AMP Potenza KW Spinta Kg PinPoint GPS Wireless
12v Telecomando + Prua 114cm 49 0,63 25 Si SI

Xi3 Wireless Saltwater Trolling Motor

Xi3 delivers high performance and unmatched value in a reliable, corrosion-resistant package. A handheld remote frees you to move about the boat untethered while maintaining responsive wireless control over our trolling motor. And with available Pinpoint® GPS navigation, it’s never been easier to keep your focus on the fish.

Easy Stow and Deploy: stand, step and secure. Stay on the move with quick, effortless stowing and deploying from the SecureStep quick release system.

Durable and Reliable: all Xi Series lower units are treated with our proprietary three-coat anti-corrosion process to ensure a long, full lifetime in abusive saltwater conditions.

Always in Control: with a handheld remote control, Pinpoint GPS controls, and an optional wireless foot pedal, Xi3 gives you the freedom to roam.

Additional Features:

  • 40% quieter operation than competitors
  • 50% easier to deploy
  • Unbreakable composite shaft with lifetime warranty
  • Powerful three-blade Machete prop
  • Digital Power Management for up to 5x longer battery life
  • Sophisticated steering transmission

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